• Joanna Baldock

'A Tail of Two Dogs'

Once upon a time there was a young pet owner called Evie who was struggling with the state of her lawn. Her two beloved dogs were creating a mud bath and ruining her garden. It looked a mess.

The dogs were constantly muddy. Even her house was no longer a mud free zone. That was until Timeless Lawns transformed her back garden.

Not only did it give Evie a new gorgeous lawn (free of mud!) but she could now get rid of her lawn mower, leaving her and her dogs with more space.

She'd also previously worried about using pesticides, weedkillers or fertilisers on her lawn, in case it was harmful to her dogs. Not an issue with an artificial lawn! Brilliant - another problem solved.

It's also easy to clean and being permeable the pet urine drains through, leaving no stains or discolouration.

I think you know how the story ends. Evie and her two very excited dogs are now ready to enjoy the warmer, longer days ahead and can live happily ever after.

And in Evie's own words...

"I am absolutely amazed at the transformation by Timeless Lawns. Now I have a lovely green lawn which will last all year round and i can throw my lawnmower away!! I would 100% recommend Timeless Lawns as they did a fantastic job and were very friendly and professional."

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