• Joanna Baldock

Bringing the Indoors Outdoors!

Bringing the indoors, outdoors!

Today's outside spaces are changing. We want be outside, yet with all the creature comforts of the inside. For example, there's more outside cooking and heating with; pizza ovens, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, chimineas, rattan sofas and even alfresco offices. We want the best of both worlds and with all the options open to us, why not? And what better way to achieve this than with artificial grass. It creates a great connection between the indoors and outdoors, allowing a visual flow and a practical one. Opening your home to the outdoors allows your home to feel lighter and more spacious. A huge benefit is that it's clean - allowing no mud or mess to transfer into the home. An artificial lawn also creates a safe and comfortable outdoor space or play area for little ones. It is soft and comfortable which is great for pets, little ones or big ones to walk bare foot, crawl, play and sunbath.

For small back gardens with little light or areas of garden with a lot shade, there's no more worries of bare, brown or patchy grass where they've been denied enough light to grow. Create the best of both worlds this summer with artificial grass. Please call 01732 356186 for your free quote.

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