• Joanna Baldock

Does Artificial Grass have the Answer?

Everybody loves a gorgeous green lawn, especially in the summer months. Our gardens and outside spaces are enhanced even more so with a lush green lawn to enjoy barbecues, afternoons tea, alfresco entertaining, playing and sunbathing. But natural grass comes with its problems.

Does artificial grass have the solution?

Problem - Shady areas

Lawns can really suffer with areas of dense shade which leave lawns struggling to grow.


Artificial lawns are not affected by shade and so leave your whole lawn looking beautifully immaculate.

Problem - Pets

Our beloved pets love the outside but can dig up and wear out a lawn, making the lawn look patchy and muddy.


Artificial grass is so durable it continues to look good all year round while still allowing pets to enjoy the outside space as much as they like.

Problem - Sensitivity

Real grass can cause a lot of discomfort to hay fever sufferers, for others their skin reacts badly to contact with real grass. Natural grass also contains weeds, some of which can be spiky to touch, making it very sore for bare feet.


Artificial grass puts a stop to these reactions, allowing everyone to fully enjoy their lawns. Weed and thistle free you can play or walk bare footed with no nasty surprises.

Problem - Paddling Pools

We all love paddling pools when the weather gets hot, however they can leave behind bare, muddy and/or faded patches in our lawns.


Artificial lawns won't fade or become muddy. And after a short while the pile in the grass pops up again, leaving the whole lawn looking fabulous!

Problem - Entertaining

Our homes are changing too. With the increased popularity of bi-fold doors easy access from inside to outside creates beautiful spaces, however muddy shoe prints do not look so good. Another common problem for ladies enjoying the grass is heels getting stuck in the lawn, not a good look!


Artificial lawns create a mud free environment so allowing clean movement from outside to inside. Heels are no longer a problem either, allowing the lawns and those enjoying them to look their best.

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